Conference “We Stand With Ukraine. Historical & Current Perspectives."
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Conference “We Stand With Ukraine. Historical & Current Perspectives.”

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Conference “We Stand With Ukraine. Historical & Current Perspectives.”     

June 3, 2022

Europe House, Regeringsgatan 65, Stockholm


Conference organizers are Estonian World Council (ÜEKN) and Association of Estonians in Sweden (REL), together with partners Stockholm Free World Forum – Frivärld, Liberalerna, Estonian Embassy in Sweden, NGO Globaalsed Eestlased and Nordic Ukraine Forum.

Topics for panel discussion are:

“Shared memories of Russian occupation”– panelists professor Hain Rebas and Dr. Martin Kragh;

“Never alone: NATO:s changing role in Europe”– panelists Gunnar Hökmark, Ambassador Judith Gough, Björn von Sydow, Laima Andrikienė, moderator Alexandra Ivanov;

“Information wars across the globe”– panelists Marcus Kolga, Patrik Oksanen, Jessica Aro and Hanna Liubakova.

Opening and closing remarks: Aho Rebas, Karin Karlsbro, Alina Zubkovych, Reet Marten Sehr.

According to Sirle Sööt, Chairman of the Association of Estonians in Sweden, we must talk about Russia’s crimes, European security and the global information war all the time and with a loud voice. This is especially important now that Ukraine is fighting for all our democratic values ​​and freedom. The conference brings together politicians, journalists, diplomats, researchers and civil society activists, all of whom have the power to explain and increase understanding of history and the current situation.

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